Weekend Shenanigans

So, this happened. 

Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles. I like to call this “open play”. 

As long as no one gets hurt and they don’t burn down the house. They can do whatever they want.

They were quiet and playing, together. 

They won. 

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Weekend Shenanigans

I’ll be there to catch you, always.

One of his favorite big brother duties lately is to help his little brother navigate the playground. He helps him down the slide and up the climbing ropes.

He tells me not to worry because he will always be there if his little brother falls. 

Black boys playing in park


Weekend Shenanigans


This was one of his brother Christmas gifts. He saw how hard his brother was working on getting it together, that he decided to help.

He sat in this corner for about 30 minutes (which is about a week in toddler time)

and opened each bag to help his brother put it together.

Then proudly proclaimed the toy was now his….