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Visual Memoirs - Morning Walks
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June 11, 2011
Mikes is 2 years old in this image. It was a nice summer morning so I decided to take him out for a walk after breakfast. At this stage, Mickey was obsessed with keys and often had a pair in his hand everywhere he went. This morning we were walking, he had his keys and we got to a cross walk. I yelled “Mickey don’t go in the street without mommy!” He froze and then took a tiny step..MICEY! He laughed and took another step...MIKES! He turned around and I snapped this image of him. I miss our morning walks.

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Visual Memoirs - Tween
 Too cool for pierogis, but not for slushies.

Micah has been to Pierogi Fest almost every year of his life. This year, he acted as if he was “over it” and didn’t want to participate in any of the activities. He spent most of the day playing Pokemon Go on his phone. Something new this year at the fest was kool-aid slushie. When he saw this he immediately became interested and joined in. This slushy and pizza were the only things he asked for the entire afternoon. For me, this image will alway represent the time in his life when he was still a kid, but almost a teen. Silly but serious, too cool for pierogis and family, but not for slushie.

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Visual Memoirs - My 21st Birthday
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Midnight - September 2, 2000
This picture was taken in a liquor store in my 21st birthday. I’d talked my parents into letting me have a party starting on the 1st at around 930 or 10pm. At midnight, I would go to the store and buy my first bottle of alcohol as an official adult. The lady behind the counter asked for my ID, checked my birthday and said “Baby you have to be 21!” I proudly proclaimed “But it’s midnight, I am 21”. She got as excited as we were. She ran from behind the counter, gave me a birthday hug and offered to take this picture of us (because of course I had a camera with me). There to celebrate with me was my sister, my cousin and a friend. I only took maybe one sip of the drink, I just wanted the experience 🤷🏾‍♀️. What story do you have to tell about your 21st or any milestone birthday? Let’s share our stories in the comments.

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