Hello, and welcome! I’m Gina

I am a working mom, wife and photographer in Chicago.

Gennatay is the space where I can be creative and share my love of life through visual narratives.

I love celebrating motherhood, family, travel, good food, books and all of the life’s simple joys.



I’m a life long learner and I love to try new things.  

Each week you can look forward to pieces of my everyday life,  books reviews, photography tips, kids activities, travel and anything else I may dabble it.

My tastes and interest change as I learn and I try to learn something new every day.

I am alway curious to try new things, but this is what I know for sure….

Coffee is magical

Bacon is bae

A single photograph can bring back a million memories

Working out is a necessary evil

So is cooking

My happy places include the library, Disney World, and any cruise ship

I read books like their weekly sitcoms and read more than one at a time

My kids are awesome

I try to fill my life with

fun, light, laughter, movement, true love and real emotion


 So, thank you for stopping by. Say hello, you can find me on 

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I’d love to capture your moments through one of my photo sessions. Contact me for information regarding availability and pricing. 

Each project and portrait session is different and personalized to fit your unique needs.