This was a Good Week

Here’s Why


  • Chicago has had some roller coaster weather as of late. It was in the 80’s for a couple of days, then the low 40’s for a high for the remainder of last week. As a result, I was sick most of this week and took a day off from work to recover. It was some much-needed rest, I didn’t know how tired I was.
  • My iPhone 7 Plus arrived. I struggled with this purchase because I wanted to wait to see what Apple was going to offer for the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone. But the camera on my old phone was broken and then the home button gave out.  The dual camera on this is amazing.
  • This photographer who empowers women through portraits with gorgeous flowing gowns. I love this and hope to capture images like this one day. 
  • American Gods on audiobook. I started reading this book a long time ago, but couldn’t get through it. I saw that it was being made into a series on Starz and wanted to finish it before watching the show. The full-cast version of the audio book is very long (19 hours-39 minutes), but is exceptionally great. If you have not read the book, I highly recommend this audio version. 
  • This blog post on self-discipline from ZenHabits that I’m going to start putting into practice. I sometimes find that the only thing holding me back are my own poor habits. This put my own poor habits into perspective. 
  • This Wonder Woman tribute video from Nerdist. Quite possibly the best video you will see this week,



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