Kids Journal – Last of the Baby Teeth

It seems like he lost all his baby teeth at once. Every other week he would tell me that another tooth was loose and that I needed to alert the tooth fairy (side eye).

I knew I wanted to capture this time in his life that seemed to be going by so fast. So, when this tooth came out I took a shot and focused on what all the excitement was about.

The last of his baby teeth.

Baby Tooth


How I got the shot

I had plenty of light coming in from the kitchen window. I had him stand sideways by the window and hold the tooth out in front of him. I got down to his level and set my camera to aperture priority mode to get a nice, blurry background. I focused on the tooth making sure it was the center of my composition. 

For Camera Phones

To get this shot using a camera phone, make sure you have lots of light. Turn off your phones flash.  If you have a camera app that has a macro mode, use that. If not, make sure the cameras focus is on the tooth. Get in close to your child, (down to their level) tap the screen to focus, and shoot. 

How did you celebrate your kids losing their baby teeth? Do you do the Tooth Fairy or something else? Leave a note in the comments. 


13 thoughts on “Kids Journal – Last of the Baby Teeth

  1. This is such a cool idea. My three year old had recently been saying his teeth are falling out- not true! But when the time comes, I’ll definitely be documenting it!

  2. Cute shot. I doubt I can handle keeping the teeth but I will let the “tooth fairy” handle those affairs. LOL. I need to work on my photography skills.

  3. This is a sweet picture. I have kept journals for my kids but I never thought to take a tooth shot. What a memory. I do have pics with their bright smiles without their front teeth.

  4. My kids are 9 and 10 years old now so they are losing teeth like crazy at this point lol! I have never really thought to capture it in a photo but since they’ll soon be out of baby teeth, I may consider that for the memories 🙂

  5. I have so many pictures of my children. I would like to make a personal journal for each one. I think they would love that.
    I also have to do a better job of keeping their things. Great job mom!

  6. This is such a monumental moment when you realize your sweet child is really growing up. It can be so hard to watch them run life’s path without you at their side every moment, but they learn to make it.

  7. Awww this is awesome…It’s been so long so I can’t remember BUT, I have two grand-daughters that I look forward to capturing their moments. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I saw this cute box in a FB ad once. It was the shape of a mouth and had a hole for all baby teeth and the umbilical cord!