Life Support – My Baristas

One of the great things about visiting a Starbucks (other than coffee) are the baristas.


My Baristas

If you’ve ever ordered a drink at Starbucks, then you know there is something very comforting about the baristas knowing your name and your favorite drink. 

These are my barista’s. They know me, my drink, my kid’s names and birthday. We talk about our jobs, family and other life things all in the span of 5 to 10 minutes a day. 

Although I know that I’m not the only customer they have or extend great customer service to, when they greet me, it really puts a great start to my day. For this, they are a part of my Life Support.

Thank you, Starbucks Baristas. I appreciate you. 







Life Support is an ongoing photography project about the people in my life that provide some type of support. 

Other than family and friends, there are other people who are a part of my life in a small way, either through their job, or a coffee house we both frequent. 

The people who, in their own special way, help me navigate through life. 

Through the Life Support series, I’d like you to meet them. 

This might make you happy...