Get in the Frame – Self Portraits

I suck at selfies. The angle, lights etc. never seem quite right when I try to capture a picture of myself with my phone. I’m not really comfortable in front of the camera.  There are times when I feel like I don’t look good enough to be in the photo.


Gina white dress.tif

 So, because I suck at taking selfies and I’m always taking pictures of other people (mostly my kids) I’m never in the picture, and I very few photos of myself. I decided this year to get in the frame. 

Each month (maybe more) I’m going to attempt to take a self-portrait. I’m also going to take more pictures of myself with the kids. I plan all these wonderful weekend shenanigans with them, but I never have proof that I was actually there. I want to not just capture memories, but I want to be in them too. That is why I’ve decided to learn how to take self-portraits. I want to be able to be in the picture with my kids. I want them to have photos both with me and of me.  My kids and loved ones won’t care how I looked in the picture, all they will see is a memory. 


This might make you happy...

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