Bits & Pieces

Things that made me happy last week

Discovering this functioning pay phone. Nostalgia…

Seeing this man riding his bike and “walking” his dog. He was having so much fun and you could really tell he loved that dog. Joy…

This man selling snacks and water from his car during Riot Fest. We had a brief conversation about the park and the neighborhood. He had a store that burned down and this was what he was doing while  on the insurance claim. He was so happy that Riot Fest was in the park and that he could continue to provide for his family. Optimism….


Ready for Fall

After the excitement and heat of Summer, nothing beats the slowed down pace that Fall seems to bring. The sights, smell, food and reconnection with family are things I look forward to, along with the cooler weather.

My family and I started getting ready for Fall by visiting Garden Patch Farm last week.  The farm specializes in apple picking, but also offers a bounce house, straw maze, hay mountain, a petting farm and pony rides. There weren’t many apples left to pick from the trees, but there were plenty in the apple bins spread throughout the farm. There were also vegetables like kale and peppers availble to pick fresh from the ground. Along with the farm fresh produce, we also had fresh apple donuts that were so good, they literally melted in your mouth.  It was a very busy afternoon and great beginning to the Fall season.

Side Note: My oldest spent most of the afternoon playing Pokemon Go. Apparently, there were some hard to catch Pokemon in this rural area. He called it, “the best Farm ever!”


Bits and Pieces

Things that made me happy last week

This early Christmas wish list from Micah. It is addressed to me and his grandfather. Apparently, this is his first draft and there will be others to follow.

A handwritten note to Micah from one of his friends. This was really unexpected and it made him smile all day. He has asked for stationery with his name to write back.

Reading outside during lunch. The weather was so nice, I wanted to enjoy these last days of summer. Review of A Man Called Ove  coming soon.

A cookie cake for my birthday. My favorite kind of “cake”. I only had a small piece. I’m trying to give up sugar.

The giant Pokeball in front of Target. Pokemon Go!!